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   AS Club 2.2

AS Club screenshots (click to enlarge)

Application for member organizations of all descriptions: clubs, associations, commercial ventures; non-profit, labour and political organizations
  • automates the maintenance of member accounts and supports electronic communications with members through email and SMS
  • flexible: scheduled debiting of service fees to member accounts annually, biannually, quarterly or monthly. Automatic debiting to any number of sub-accounts, in any combination of time intervals
  • on account settlement, AutoSplit and AutoAllocate intelligently distribute lump sum payments among club sub-accounts, aiding automatic account settlement from electronic bank statements
  • automatically handles 'members in arrears' and 'inactive members' by re-categorizing / re-instating them
  • handles changes in the debiting schedule automatically: adjustments are posted as required and highlighted in reports
  • automates the dispatch of the 'statement of account' to the email accounts of members, mass-emails documents governed by database settings which are user modifiable 
  • sends out notes, reminders, invitations, etc. as SMS-messages to the cell phones of members; messages are composed on-the-fly from static text and variable data drawn from the database, allowing for personalized messages
  • imports electronic statements provided by banks in MS Money format: member payments into the club bank account update the AS Club database automatically, dispensing with error-prone manual data capture  
  • intuitive graphical user interface for speedy navigation between the various program sections
  • acquires member portraits from a number of sources, incl. web cam and flatbed scanner, and uses them to print high-quality ID cards on paper or PVC, optional 'thumbnail' pictures on member reports
  • ID cards feature barcodes which can be read by simple webcams and are used to automate database navigation
  • integrated one-click, 12-slot database backup/restore
  • automated system maintains 7 generations of backup copies of the AS Club database on the Austrosoft web server
  • atractive graphs show statistical data at a glance (see screenshot on the right for an example)
  • Visitor category: one-click suspension / reactivation of accounts without loss of data; one-click, up-to-date statement printing at visitor's departure  
  • integrated one-click error reporting: suspect database can be transmitted via email in compressed and encrypted form to Austrosoft for diagnosis
  • new AS Club releases and updates are automatically delivered via Internet download and installed on your computer - you are always running the latest version of the software
  • 'Skins' emulate the Windows 7 'Aero' experience on Windows XP
  • and much more...

The installation of AS Club is simple and follows the usual setup procedure of the Windows OS.
AS Club updates are delivered automatically to licensed users. To install AS Club:
• download the AS Club Setup package by clicking on the download link.
  Internet  browsers ask whether to Open or Save the file. 
• select Save and preferably point to your desktop as destination
• once the download is complete (this may take a few minutes), you should
  find the AS Club file (named AS Club_setup.exe) at your chosen download
 • double-click the AS Club setup icon: this will either install the
  software for the first time or automatically upgrade an existing

screenshot 'View page'

screenshot 'Accounting page'


screenshot 'Statistics, sub-account balances'

Minimal and recommended system specification
Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
x86 / x64
minimal vertical screen resolution: 768p
recommended: 1366x768p, 1024x768p, 1280x1024, 1920x1080,
minimal RAM size: according to Microsoft OS specification

minimal HDD/SSD space: 100 MB                             
up to 2 months trial period (ending on the last day of the month that follows on the month of installation)


•  V. switches downloads from FTP to HTTP
 one-click online installation of the latest system
    version from the AS Club Home-page
•  V. introduces online mirroring of the
    member photo repository
•  V. passes Windows 10 compatibility testing
•  AS Club can host the club website by running a
    web server that also supports online account
    enquiries and receives instant messages
•  over 30 user selectable skins to choose from
•  one-click synchronization of the accounts database
    with an online mirror supports multi user operation
•  optional phone number format with 11 digits
   (Yachting Association of India request)

AS Club Setup - full installation
This is the latest complete release of AS Club, suitable for first-time and upgrade installations; the latest partial update is automatically downloaded and installed by AS Club if a suitable internet connection is available
20-Mar-2021 AS Club_setup.exe  (~ 28 MB) Download
A brief introduction to AS Club 
PDF-format (requires PDF-reader, e.g. Adobe Acrobat™)
07-Jun-2010 AS Club.pdf (198 KB) Download

AS Club-releases:  when to upgrade?

As a rule, all full installation packages of AS Club are 'stable' versions of the software, i.e. they have been run as updated versions for some time in a productive setting before they are released.
Updates fix known issues and add new functions to AS Club. They are downloaded automatically, provided you are a licensed user and an internet connection is available. AS Club checks the Austrosoft updates server at certain intervals for program upgrades and installs them as they become available.
You can also check the availability of updates manually by clicking button  Download Updates  on page MAINTENANCE > Database > Administration, tab Updates/Setting Up.
Please note that a valid maintenance contract is required to qualify for updated AS Club versions, whether downloads are initiated manually or program-controlled. 

Update History
(unreleased internal versions are not listed here)

20-Mar-2021  AS Club

•  the web-services module has been updated
• archived accounts are now exempt from support & maintenance fees
• overhaul of the *Visitor-category: program adds daily charges at checkout
• page Accounting: a Checkout Panel pops up for accounts in the *Visitor category 
• bug fixed in the 'Undo transaction' mechanism
• the opening of a New account begins now with selecting a membership category (on right panel)
• sub-account administration: it was possible to enter an empty Legend-field (fixed)
• added to the validation of filenames asssigned to backup sets (when scanning for 'Windows reserved characters')
• message "you have 5 minutes to close AS Club..." removed (after an update was downloaded)
• a sporadic error could occur when Cancel was issued while opening a New member account (fixed)
• Accounting page: a click close to the right edge of Commit was not registered (due to the button moving left - fixed)
• AS Club launcher form (asgo.exe) redesigned; a possible timing problem fixed
• SMS filter selection (page Send SMS): 2 CheckBoxes replaced with 3 RadioButtons
• the Show-buttons of SMS that exceed 160 chars are now marked with yellow pointers
• dropped month-end flag: "Include Current Month" (could result in data error under exceptional circumstances)
• AS Club launch on systems with 16-bit colour setting (instead of 32-bit) is no longer possible (caused false colours on ID cards)
• a new demo database is being supplied with 'full' installations of AS Club (with different 'members' and an image for each)
• portrait photographs supplied with new demo database now automatically deleted as soon as user sets up own database
• modified name validation on entry: 'van' and 'von' can now be part of surname (thus creating a lower case 'v' group on nav-panel)
• max. parallel FTP connections reduced from 8 to 6 (the number is limited by FTP-server configuration settings)
• a possible program freeze, caused by a hanging parallel comms-thread and preventing program close, has been solved

30-Nov-2020  AS Club 2.2.4.
• improved form 'License Request', revised help-text
• start date/end date bug fixed on page 'Monthly Report'
• added warning 'outdated version' if a newly installed version was released more than a month ago

28-Oct-2020  AS Club
• maintenance release, with bug fixes and improvements to the built-in event-logging (debugging feature)

14-Sep-2020  AS Club
• maintenance release containing bug fixes and various interface improvements

07-Jul-2020  AS Club
• on opening a new member account AS Club can post
pro rata fees to cover charges until the billing cycle takes over
• GUI refinements on several pages, e.g. email and SMS editors
• bug fixes
09-Apr-2020  AS Club
• maintenance release
• dynamic fitting of text strings to static fields by varying font sizes (e.g. surnames, first names, etc.) on account displays
• changes to global 'Billing Alignment' logic
• up to 100 downloaded files (except program updates) are now remembered locally to avoid repeated downloading
• modified HTTP header to prevent '403 forbidden' error
• *H 'Brought Forward' transaction split into *T (credit) and *U (debit)
• substituted SMS-token <BANK_DETAILS> for token <CLUB>
03-Dec-2019:  AS Club
• remaining download types switched to HTTP
• AS Club calculates one-off proportional charges for newly opened accounts 
• fixed a number of minor bugs

08-Oct-2018:  AS Club
• additional option to start AS Club with Windows boot
• fall-back solution for "FTP authentication invalid" problem: attempting HTTP-download of auth-params from server
• fixed problem with printing Audit report and ID Card (in rare cases print request could precede form instantiation)
• NEW and COMMIT buttons now blocked if month-end overdue
• coord. of large, alternate notepad now saved between sessions
• coord. of form 'Import Bank statement' now saved between sessions
• asglobal.ini could be Null-file, now handled
• double-buffering of some graphical controls to reduce flicker
• fixed possible endless loop on program close under unpatched Win10-64 due to bug in release of private fonts
• added WMQueryEndSession-handler for controlled AS Club close after unexpected Windows session shut down
• minor additional bug fixes

02-Jul-2018:  AS Club
• maintenance release

15-Jun-2018:  AS Club
• Austrosoft switched to new web hosting provider, AS Club updated to reflect the changed SMTP/FTP server credentials

17-May-2018:  AS Club
• plausibility checks and correction of member name input, esp. initials
• to speed up program launch, instantiation of less frequently used forms is deferred  

6-Jun-2017:  AS Club
• maintenance release, minor GUI improvements

27-May-2017:  AS Club
• maintenance release

21-Apr-2017:  AS Club
• minor bug fixes; visual monitoring of backup and sync'ing with the online mirror; 

15-Mar-2017:  AS Club
• the local member photo repository, used for ID card printing, is now being mirrored to the online backup server.
In multi-user
   setups, any changes to local image repositories (by adding, updating, or deleting images) propagate automatically through the
   central repository via image folder synchronization to all other users.
The mechanism synchronizes the 3 basic dataset
   maintenance tasks, adding, editing, and deleting of files.

17-Nov-2016:  AS Club
• Windows 10 "Anniversary Edition" raises time for registration/release of private fonts from 16 ms to 6000 ms each (averages). A
  workaround substitutes AddFontResource with AddFontResourceEx  and RemoveFontResource with RemoveFontResourceEx

12-Oct-2016:  AS Club
• AS Club launcher modified to prevent UAC challenge in Windows 7-10

27-Sep-2016:  AS Club
• revised password for database write control, added password for upload authorization

-Jul-2016:  AS Club
• all printable images and image acquisition methods have been converted from BMP to JPEG in order to save bandwidth when
  transferring files to and from online storage
• minor Windows 10 related changes to (internal) printer driver registration

-May-2016:  AS Club
• restored compatibility for pre-2016 web backups that had a slightly different file name format and could thus not be retrieved by
  AS Club later than
01-May-2016:  AS Club
• fixed an SMTP bug that could prevent AS Club from closing
• all computers of a multiple-user AS Club installation can now download the same license key and no longer have to request  one
  for each connected computer

-Feb-2016:  AS Club
• fixed a bug that could produce an unwarranted error message when printing ID cards 'in bulk'

01-Dec-2015:  AS Club
• the internet services module (TH10_FTPThread) has been redesigned and rewritten to run in a  secondary thread for 
  improved GUI responsiveness
• fixed sporadic bug in the ID card "theme"-selection that could lead to a program freeze

20-Sep-2015:  AS Club
• rev.  passed Windows 10 compatibility testing
  a full reinstall of AS Club is recommended when switching a live AS Club system to Windows 10.
  You can download the AS Club setup file here. When downloaded, launch the file and run it "over" your existing
  installation of AS Club, your member records and settings will be preserved. However, as a safety precaution we
  recommend that you back up your database locally and/or online (use buttons Upload, Backup and Export on page
  MAINTENANCE > Administration).
  Reports from some online sources indicate that a fresh ('clean') install of Windows 10 may solve compatibility problems with other
  software and could thus be preferable to installing Windows 10 over XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 but we have not experienced such problems
  We have tested the full installation of AS Club rev. both with natively installed Win 10, and Win 10 running in a virtual
  machine (on Oracle VirtualBox 5.0.0 r101573). There are no known OS-related issues at this time

21-Jun-2015:  AS Club
• review of the GUI, improved handling of SMS dispatch

12-May-2015:  AS Club
• bug fixes

30-Apr-2015:  AS Club
New feature
• 'Go Live' allows importing non-zero opening balances from external file

06-Apr-2015:  AS Club
Minor revision
• formatting of names

10-Mar-2015:  AS Club
• Finalizes ID card extensions with an ID card barcode reader that is linked to database navigation
   reading an ID card barcode repositions the database to the requested account

30-Jan-2015:  AS Club
• first release of extended ID card editor based on "themes"

21-Aug-2014:  AS Club
Internal revision of program logic, no affect on user interface  

31-Jan-2014:  AS Club 2.1.3.
Minor revision of
• program startup presets (as contained in ini-files) have been split into global and local sets to
  better support multi-user operation. Presets affecting all users are now stored in asglobal.ini, those
  affecting only the local user are stored in aslocal.ini, allowing each user to maintain a customized
  local environment (e.g. the selected "skin", various GUI-elements, initial directories, etc.) 
14-Jan-2014:  AS Club

• revised ID card editor (new font choices), ID card enlarged to standard credit card size (3 3/8" Χ 2 1/8" )
• Preferences and Options split between local (user) and global (all users) settings to further streamline
  AS Club multi-user mode
08-Nov-2013:  AS Club
• additional email server presets, SMS factory reset, enabled SMTP port 587 to bypass port 25 if blocked
  by the ISP

08-Nov-2013:  AS Club
• updated "Guided Tour",
• improved ID card editor, styles and font sizes now user selectable and stored with template
• "Undo" fixed for transactions involving more than 255 records per undo-step
•  multi-user shared access to web backups improved (timer-controlled upload now optional)
23-Sep-2013:  AS Club

• revised "Guided Tour", Tutorial and Help files

02-Apr-2013:  AS Club
Development build
• new Undo function allows step by step roll-back of faulty database entries
09-Oct-2012:  AS Club
• Help-file updates and minor bug fixes
27-Sep-2012:  AS Club

New web server functionality
• AS Club's built-in web server can host the club's website on the own local computer
• the server enables members to visit the club website, make account enquiries, and send instant messages to the AS Club operator
• relocation of the installation folder to C:\Austrosoft to simplify automatic updates (Windows Vista, 7, 8)
• Improved billing cycle scheduler (both GUI object and program logic)
31-Dec-2011:  AS Club

Windows Vista/7/8 adaptations
• installation from standard user account with temporary admin privileges
• updated licensing procedure
• domain transferred

31-Oct-2011:  AS Club
Skinning support
• makes the visual appearance of AS Club user-selectable
• Windows Vista / 7 / 8 (x86 and x64): modifications related to skinning support  

20-Jun-2011:  AS Club
Modified processing of membership category "Inactive"
• members are now immediately re-instated to their former membership category when full payment of outstanding dues is received
• applies also to EFT settlements. 
12-Apr-2011:  AS Club

Image scanning support
• allows member photographs to be scanned in from Twain-compatible image sources (scanners, high resolution cameras)   
• new 'Member Report' filter option: include/exclude member accounts settled/in arrears
• automatic shutdown: AS Club can be instructed to shut down daily at a specified time.    
• minor bug fixes
15-Oct-2010:  AS Club
Revision of the ID Card printing feature
• up to 99 additional ID cards can be attached to the main member account, each with photograph. They are printed together with the main account holder ID (useful for family or company memberships) 
Additional option for envelope printing
• ensures that one envelope is printed for each statement or tax receipt generated
Improved colour scheme
• aids in the quicker recognition of the state of tabs and buttons (up/down)  

26-Apr-2010:  AS Club
(extended web functions):
Automated database backup to the web; extension of the web-based program update delivery system
• Added an extra layer of data security: seven backup generations of the local accounts database are automatically maintained on the Austrosoft web server; the user can revert to any one of them by simple selection from a list

25-Mar-2010:  AS Club 

Additional database verification before month-end consolidation

31-Jan-2010:  AS Club (web update), new:
Automatic updates from the Austrosoft website
• the feature automatically downloads and installs updated program versions and file updates as soon as they become available
The download works in the background while AS Club remains fully available.  
11-Nov-2009:  AS Club (functional upgrade)
, new:
Tax Receipt, Tax Invoice, Tax Report
• a VAT or GST rate can now be attached to each club sub-account; tax reports, tax invoice and tax receipt extend the AS Club reporting facilities
• pre-scheduling of (multiple) membership changes with automatic refunding/adjusting of member accounts
• sending of email and SMS can be matched to potential server restrictions 

13-May-2009:  AS Club (minor update)
, new:
OFC/OFX bank statements
• an OFX-format statement downloaded from Nedbank (Netbank) lacked valid <DTSTART> and <DTEND> dates. AS Club alternatively accepts now the  <DTSERVER> download date 

03-Mar-2009:  AS Club (minor update)
, new:
Trace function
• An optional debugging aid maintains a logging file of all critical database operations
Improved data security
• AS Club maintains now 'Exclusive' database access while active, denying other applications access to the database 

10-Feb-2009:  AS Club (functional upgrade), new:
Guided Tour 
• Basic introduction to AS Club in form of a walk-through
Additional database validation and self-correction
• Recreation of DB indexes at start-up 
• Additional validation at program shutdown
22-Jan-2009:  AS Club (functional upgrade), new:
New multi-threaded SMTP dispatcher module 
• Outgoing traffic can now utilize up to 4 parallel server connections, speeding up email and SMS dispatch (typically, transmissions will run at full line speed) 
• User interface no longer blocked while transmitting, interactive work can proceed in parallel to transmission   
Implemented request from 'Yachting Association of India'
• The telephone number format can be switched between 10 and 11 digits (012-345 67890
Currency input/output fields may be switched from 2 to 0 fractional digits, e.g. from INR 100.00 to INR 100 (rounding taken into account) 
• The user can override the global Windows currency symbol
Bug fix
• Batches of the 'Audit report' numbered 1, 2, 3... could sometimes appear renumbered after printing (no loss or corruption of data occurred, but the renumbering could be confusing)

05-Dec-2008:  AS Club (functional upgrade), new: 
Audit Report merging 
• Batches of audit reports can now be unified into one single report (useful at month-end), or printed individually as before.
• A minor inconsistency in the audit report generation has been resolved  

Exporting Database to external data carrier 
• Bug fix: attempting to export  DB immediately after dispatching SMS or email could have led to incomplete backup ('BLOB error')  

21-Nov-2008:  AS Club
(minor functional update), new: 
Account adjustment 
• One of the AS Club design principles involves preventing transaction types which would allow the net outflow of funds from the club to members. The revised adjustment feature allows for up to a 100 % reversal of debits posted, but never more
• All graph-types can now be printed (in colour)
06-Nov-2008:  AS Club
(functional update), new: 
Extensions to the statistics and backup features
• Two tabs added to the PROCESSING > Statistics pages:
• 'Sub-Accounts' produces an attractive visualization of to-date sub-account balances
• 'Top 25 Debtors' graphically ranks the 25 debtors most significantly in arrears with their contributions
• Exporting and Importing of backup archives. The main local 12-slot backup solution has been expanded to allow for the one-click exporting of compressed backup archives to non-local and removable data carriers, such as network drives, optical disks, USB HDDs, flash drives, etc.

01-Nov-2008:  AS Club (consolidated release), new:  
Flaw in AutoAllocation function fixed
• AutoAllocate would under certain conditions misallocate two payments (or adjustments) immediately following one another. This did not affect the tally of an account, only the sharing out of credits among sub-accounts, which did not follow exactly the AutoAllocate-rules.
Inactive membership and facility sub-accounts  
• Sub-accounts could be created for the purpose of a One-Off shortcut. This has been disabled for performance reasons (affecting the Scheduler component), error messages ME79 and ME80 will abort such attempts
Updates to the screen layout 
• no functional changes

29-Oct-2008:  AS Club (bug fix and minor version update) , new:  
Reported problem with Paradox database installation fixed
• AS Club is sharing the files PDOXUSRS.NET and IDAPI32.CFG with other Paradox applications on a system. If the latter file cannot be opened for write access during the primary AS Club installation, the database alias cannot be created, in which case AS Club cannot access its database on first launch. Under the same set of circumstances, a similar problem could also occur when the user needed to delete an existing database in order to create a new one. Only first-time installations, not upgrades, were affected. 
Solved by repeating (if necessary) the alias-creation at program runtime, if required after generating the IDAPI32.CFG file from scratch. 
Refunds after payment has been credited
• adjustments on member accounts up to the full amount debited in the past (before: only the currently outstanding amount)
16-Oct-2008:  AS Club (minor version update), new: 
Importing of bank statements broadened
• banks may create MS Money-formatted statements for download which utilize the <MEMO> tag instead of <NAME>; AS Club now processes both.
• banks send the MS Money files (OFC/OFX) in zipped form; AS Club will now unzip them automatically.
• 'Month end consolidation' and program termination accelerated 
• the standard AS Club pre-release test includes the monthly processing run (a batch-like function) of a synthetic 15,000 member database; this has now been reduced to 15-20 sec (~ 50% less than before) 

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Do you have stores of nautical charts, perhaps of mixed origin, like traditional printed sea charts, plus electronic charts on CDROM? 
ChartFinder 1.1 is for you! 
Quickly retrieve information on where to find a particular chart, useful if there are hundreds of them! Charts are projected onto a 7200*3600 pixel world map. Various filter methods are provided to aid in retrieval.
Chartfinder 1.1 is free software.

screenshot 'Chartfinder'
Minimum System requirements 
A PC running Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP 
128 MB RAM 
a CDROM drive
1024x768 screen resolution (or better) recommended
File size: 11.7 MB
Please enquire
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ConPLAN is a combined compilation/emulation package designed to aid in the migration of ICL 1900/2900 PLAN assembler programs to Siemens-Nixdorf and IBM mainframe computers. 
Austrosoft was commissioned by a South African client to develop the software package for the conversion of a text processing system written in ICL PLAN assembler. Completed in 1992, it has since been used to process and print the South African and Namibian telephone and fax directories.

On the one hand, ConPLAN is a typical software emulator, replicating the ICL1900/2900 instruction set by software means and simulating the OS interface to the emulated program. On the other hand, it goes beyond emulation by offering an integrated PLAN compiler, allowing users to maintain their programs at the PLAN source level when changes become necessary. An interface that allows calling Siemens/IBM assembler or higher-level language modules (e.g. COBOL) from the emulated PLAN program is also provided.

Minimum System requirements
IBM/Siemens-Nixdorf mainframe software
Please enquire
top AS Diff AS Diff - File Comparison Utility

When a brand-new main board caused random errors copying larger files (over ~30MB), we needed more evidence to underpin our warranty claim.
AS Diff was quickly written and it promptly caught the mainboard in the act. After copying a ~500MB file to disk, then loading it back into memory and comparing it with the original, AS Diff reported over 130 bytes that had changed in the process.   
AS Diff can generate identical test objects < 2GB each on external data carriers before making the comparison, or it can use pre-existing file objects. Generated file objects can be filled with bytes 0x00, 0x05, 0x0A, 0xFF.
AS Diff has an option that changes the memory footprint of one test object from small (one I/O block) to large, allocating as much RAM as possible. Both modes should of course show identity between identical test objects; if they don't, faulty RAM may be the cause. If both modes produce errors, and with a variety of peripherals (as in our case), a central hardware problem is the most likely cause.
AS Diff does not attempt in-depth fault diagnosis, but quickly answers one question: is the suspicion of faulty hardware based on fact? 
AS Diff needs no installation. Extract the zip-archive AS into any folder (e.g. on a thumb drive) and run ASDiff.exe from there.
screenshot 'ASDiff'

Minimum System requirements
Any PC running Windows XP and higher
Freeware: AS Diff is free software

File size: 2.3 MB


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The rules are deceptively simple: get five in a row before the computer does.
Let the computer show you how it's done by watching the AI play against itself.
GOMOKU is free software (freeware)
Minimum System requirements
A PC running any version of MS Windows, from Win XP to Win 10, 32/64 bit.
A minimal vertical screen resolution of 768p.
Audio hardware (speakers) indispensable!
File size: 15.6 MB
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Never played Tetris before? -- here is your chance! 
Get the Austrosoft-version of this classic game while we are still giving it away...
up to 5 players can take turns, it's got a Top10 scoreboard, training mode, freeze mode etc.

Tetris is free software (freeware)

Minimum System requirements
A PC running any version of MS Windows, from Win XP to Win 10, 32/64 bit.
A minimal vertical screen resolution of 768p.
Audio hardware (speakers) indispensable!


File size: 28 MB
V. 3.1